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Business Networks

We’re here to make hiring easy no matter how far your team stretches. Across the globe, or across the office, you’ll always be on the same page when it comes to hiring. 

Stay connected, near and far. 

With Acquire4Hire you have the opportunity to set your group up for hiring success from virtually anywhere. Industry specific job posts, and email templates can all be accessed in a simple and sleek portal. 

Keep an eye on your metrics

Admins can track hiring metrics across multiple accounts and locations. Keep an eye out for opportunities to improve hiring, and watch your team level up with a real-time metrics dashboard. Communicate your results to key stakeholders.

Best practices for candidate communication 

Email back and forth with applicants directly from your hiring portal. No time to chat? Automatic courtesy emails will make sure candidates will feel respected and taken care throughout the hiring process. 


Your business network is one step away from happier hiring …