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How to become an effective leader 

Smart hiring requires solid leadership.  We want you to succeed not only in hiring great employees but in business as a whole! Plus, learning how to become a better manager will help you pass on the tips & tricks to emerging company leaders as well. What goes around, comes around! You’ll be happy you took the time to understand the definition of a good leader. 

Even if your company has a corporate leadership program, you might not be getting the support you need to succeed. It’s worth taking a look at your own leadership model and seeing where you can adjust. 

In her Ted Talk, “What it takes to be a great leader” Leadership Expert, Roselinde Torres reveals a startling statistic about workplace leadership. Torres was determined to understand the effectiveness of  leadership development programs across thousands of different companies. 58% of the 4,000 companies included in the effectiveness study cited significant talent gaps for critical leadership roles. More than half of the companies failed to grow and support their leadership team.

There is a critical need for more effective leadership. If traditional trainings aren’t making the cut, what can you do to become a better leader and manager? 

Great leaders are not head down, they see around corners. Shaping their futures not just reacting to it.
Roselinde Torres
Leadership Expert

Define your mission

Every good leader has a personal mission that stretches beyond the company’s overall mission statement. Perhaps yours is something like “To give every member of my team the opportunity to grow their skillsets and maximize their potentials.” or, “To grow my team into the best performing group in our industry. To sky-rocket sales for our company and give back to the community”

Whatever your mission is, be sure to write it down and come back to it as often as possible in order to realign and refocus on your big picture. 

Set goals

There is so much to do, it’s easy to get lost playing defense and putting out fires all day, every day. Setting goals at the beginning of the fiscal year, quarter, or month (or all three!) can help make you a better leader. Write out what you would like to accomplish, when you want to accomplish it by, and how you will get there. Be sure to share your goals with your team, especially those who will be helping you reach each goal. A bonus leadership tip? Encourage your team to set their own professional goals. This could look like a personal sales quota or a goal they would like to help achieve for the company. 

Something that is important to keep in mind when goal setting, your goals should always support your greater mission. 

Lead by Example

Whether you realize it or not, your employees and team members are looking up to you. They might be new in the industry, or they might be seasoned pros, but they are most likely watching your behavior and mirroring it back. How do you handle stressful situations? Do you lash out at angry customers, or do you keep your cool? Are you constantly pushing off projects or prioritizing your time to hit deadlines. What you say and do in a team meeting matters, but the true impressions are made in everyday interactions. Act the way you want your employees to act. 

Get inspired by other great leaders

Think about great bosses that you have worked for over the years, what qualities made their leadership shine? Write these down and be sure to add them to your leadership practice. Similarly, consider the not-so-great leadership that you have endured. Pick a few stand out examples and be sure to scan your own leadership style to determine if you’ve accidentally slipped into some bad habits. Good leaders know how to course-correct and are extremely self-aware.


If you read this blog on communication, you’ve got this one covered. If not, definitely go check it out! Good leaders are constantly communicating. With team members, board members, customers, whoever it may be. Good leadership and good communication go hand in hand! Pay attention to the way you speak and the nonverbal cues you are giving off and make sure that they support your mission (yes it’s that important we’re mentioning it again!) and how you would want your employees to behave. 

Give feedback

Don’t save feedback for quarterly, or annual reviews. Create an open line of communication and feedback between yourself and your team to ensure that everyone feels heard, valued, and respected. Good feedback includes personal recognition and constructive criticism. It also signals to your employees that you are committed to their advancement in the company and that their success impacts the overall success of the team.

Do your homework

Listen to TedTalks, Podcasts, or Audio Books on how to become a better manager. Or go completely old school and check out some books from the library that describe traits of great leaders in history. If you want to know how to be a leader in life and in your business, you are already on your way to success! Take advantage of the information that is available at your fingertips and apply that newfound knowledge to your everyday life. You will be amazed at how much you can impact your employees, company, family life, and more when you are focused on how to be a leader in life.

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