How to run a better meeting

How to host a better meeting: fewer yawns and head bobs are possible!

On one hand, meetings are necessary to keep employees updated on big-picture items and on the same page, but they can easily become counter-productive by dragging past their expiration date. 

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you to give up meetings. What we can advise, however, is to make them engaging and motivational. Think of meetings as a time to re-connect with your employees and to make sure everyone is on track to hit their goals.

Not sure where to start? Try out an idea we have provided and see the results for yourself!

Introduce walking meetings

Walking meetings are used amongst some of the most successful entrepreneurs including Mark Zuckerburg and Steve Jobs. Even Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, stated that he finds walking helps him think and he uses walking meetings with his own employees. According to a study conducted by Stanford University, walking increases creativity by 60%. Who doesn’t need a little more creativity in their day? When that 3 pm slump comes around – take a lap! 

Make it collaborative 

A good boss is only as good as his/her employees. It is crucial to create an environment that is conducive to creative ideas and that feels receptive to hearing them. Letting employees collaborate and brainstorm together can result in great team-building and a switch in the atmosphere. Switch your meetings from “lecture-style” where one person is doing the majority (or all) of the talking, to a “seminar-style” where people share ideas and come up with solutions as a group.

Get out of the office – seriously

Meet locally outside of the office… A coffee shop, a park, anywhere that is not the office but work can still be accomplished. Let’s be honest, we all get a bit excited to head out of the office so why not give it a try. Your employees can get out of their day to day routine which could spark creative ideas! 

There's this amazing thing about getting out of the box, that leads to out of the box thinking.
Nilofer Merchant
Appreciate your team

If you’re not ready to try something new,  start small with something as simple as words. Give your employees credit where credit is due. Appreciation is crucial to employee retention. Something as simple as a thank you can truly be taken for granted and can cause a lack of employee loyalty. So whether you are having walking meetings or a sitting meeting…make sure you have taken the time to recognize their hard work!

Not only will these meeting tips increase employee morale and productivity, but they will also become a big selling point for new applicants! You can even encourage new employees to suggest how they would make meetings more efficient for the group. 

Any questions? Your hiring consultants are here to listen! Chat with us today about how Acquire4Hire can help you grow your team.

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