How to Become a Better Leader

How to become an effective leader 

Smart hiring requires solid leadership. Learning how to become a better manager will help you pass on the tips & tricks to emerging company leaders, setting your whole group up for success. 

Even if your company has a corporate leadership program, you might not be getting the support you need to succeed. It’s worth taking a look at your own leadership model and seeing where you can adjust. 

In her Ted Talk, “What it takes to be a great leader” Leadership Expert, Roselinde Torres reveals a startling statistic about workplace leadership. Torres was determined to understand the effectiveness of  leadership development programs across thousands of different companies. 58% of the 4,000 companies included in the effectiveness study cited significant talent gaps for critical leadership roles. More than half of the companies failed to grow and support their leadership team.

There is a critical need for more effective leadership. If traditional trainings aren’t making the cut, what can you do to become a better leader and manager? 

Great leaders are not head down, they see around corners. Shaping their futures not just reacting to it.
Roselinde Torres
Leadership Expert

Define your mission statement

You probably know your company’s mission statement, but have you ever thought about your own personal mission statement? Something that defines why you do what you do?  

The best types of leaders are those who work with a personal mission in mind. It might be something as broad as “to help my team grow and succeed”.  Or maybe something more specific to a current goal or objective such as, “To increase sales by 40% and give back to the community”

Whatever your mission is, be sure to write it down and come back to it often. Leaders often face difficult decisions, and your mission will help you make choices that align with the bigger picture.

Respond, don’t react

Do you respond or react to problems that come up in your business? If you want to be a good leader, you must learn how to respond to problems logically, rather than acting out of pure reaction. When a situation comes up during the day, make sure to think about how your response will effect your entire team and your goals.

Lead by example

Whether you realize it or not, your employees and team members are looking up to you. How do you handle stressful situations? Do you lash out at angry customers, or do you keep your cool? Are you constantly pushing off projects or prioritizing your time to hit deadlines. What you say and do in a team meeting matters, but the true impressions are made in everyday interactions. Act the way you want your employees to act. 

Get inspired by other great leaders

Think about great bosses that you have worked for over the years. What qualities made their leadership stand out to you? Consider which qualities you could adopt into your own leadership style.

Similarly, consider the not-so-great leadership that you’ve encountered. Give yourself an honest self-reflection and evaluate if you’ve slipped into some bad habits. Good leaders know how to course-correct.

Communicate effectively

Good leadership and good communication go hand in hand. Pay attention to the way you speak and the non-verbal cues you are giving off as you communicate with team members and stakeholders. And, if you haven’t already, be sure to read this blog about improving workplace communication.

Give regular feedback

Don’t save feedback for quarterly or annual reviews. Create an open environment where your team feels like they can communicate with leadership at any point in the year. Good leaders make sure that everyone feels heard, valued, and respected.

Good feedback includes personal recognition and constructive criticism. It signals to your employees that you are committed to their advancement in the company and that their success impacts the overall success of the team.

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