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Hiring Solutions: 5 Tips For Hiring Better Employees

Plan for Successful Hiring

From “fluffed-up resumes” and interview no shows, to  poor attitudes and bad fits, what looks good on paper might not always be the best move for your company.

We get it, hiring the right employees can be difficult. Put your best foot forward by planning for success! These 5 hiring solutions will help you find the candidate that best matches your open position and your company.

Have a clear job description

Having a clear job description saves time and eliminates confusion for applicants. Be upfront about your expectations so that the right people apply. Taking a shortcut here could mean wasting time sorting through dozens of applicants who are simply a wrong fit. Aquire4Hire provides over 1,000 customizable templates to help you write a clear description.

Check backgrounds and references

It’s important to make sure your candidates are who they say they are. One of the oldest sayings is true here, trust but verify. Although a candidate’s resume may list every skill you are looking for, take time to make sure it all checks out. If necessary, complete a background check, reach out to references, verify educational credentials and past jobs. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Review applications and qualifications carefully

We get it: sifting through stacks of resumes, applications and cover letters is time-consuming. But, completing this step with care is important. Review these documents to get a head start on learning about your candidates and see how they compare to skills, qualifications, and experiences needed to get the job done. This is also a time to note extracurricular activities that you can talk about in your interview – do they love running? Make sure to mention the company’s running group!

People are not your most important asset. The right people are.
Jim Collins
Author, Consultant, and Lecturer
Ask the right interview questions

When preparing a list of interview questions, think about your ideal employee. Skills and personality are often the two most important features that you should check for. Often, if a candidate checks off the “skills” boxes it can be easy to forget to ask questions more focused on their personality. Something as simple as “what do you like to do in your free time?” can be very telling (see running example above). Remember, it’s important that the candidate not only succeeds in the job but also fits into the company culture!

Continue to build your talent pool

Be proactive with your recruitment. Help yourself in the future by always keeping an eye out for top-notch candidates. You want to be prepared if someone decides to change jobs, or if a new opportunity comes up quickly. Acquire4Hire allows you to archive candidates which will hold their resume – creating an instant talent pool for you to pull from whenever you need a new hire – score! 

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