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Product Features for Easier Hiring

We get it, hiring is a major painpoint. We created Acquire4Hire to make it easier.

Our team of hiring consultants and tech wizards have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a simplified solution that will make hiring easier throughout the yearOur tool was built for busy business owners that are looking to streamline their hiring solution and use a tool that’s simple, easy, and most importantly effective. 

Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite features in the Acquire4Hire platform – we know you’ll love them too! 

Auto-Renew Job Post Feature

You probably already know that our tool makes it easy to post jobs across the web (all it takes is a single click!) But, did you know we also keep those jobs up-to-date on the sites as well? You’ll have the option to select “auto-renew” when you make a new job post. When you do this, the job will automatically refresh every 30 days without you needing to manually close and re-open jobs each month.

Industry Specific Job Templates

Our job post templates make it easy for admins to set up each location up for success by crafting industry-specific job posts for high-turnover positions. We also have a library of over 1,000 job descriptions that you can choose from and edit to fit your open role.

Admin Metrics Dashboard

We love the metrics feature of the admin dashboard because of the ability to stay accountable to consistent hiring across locations. As an admin, you’ll have access to usage and hiring results across your network. You’ll see how many jobs have been posted, how many hires have been made, and so much more. Metrics also help you identify which users need extra hiring support, and make it easy to communicate your hiring progress to key stakeholders.

Email Templates for Candidate Communication

Juggling multiple applicants on top of your everyday responsibilities? We know that a busy hiring season means smaller follow up tasks can get pushed aside. Our automatic courtesy emails will ensure that candidates are always kept in the loop about their status with your company. 

24/7 Support

Adding a hiring tool as a group benefit doesn’t necessarily mean extra work on your end. We’re here to help your team implement the new tool, and use it successfully! You’ll find our Hiring Consultants on live chat during typical business hours, and keep your eyes open for a new Hiring Knowledge Base for Q+A support during off-hours. We are committed to getting your questions answered as soon as possible!