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What kind of services do you provide ?

We provide easy, streamlined, and cost-effective hiring for member-based organizations including cooperatives, business networks, associations, nonprofits, franchises, and more. We are a white-labeled solution for admins of these groups to provide hiring benefits to their members. We also provide resources about hiring, human resources, and industry news.

What kind of companies typically use the hiring solution ?

Our hiring technology is designed to serve customers with multi-faceted and multi-layered businesses.  cooperatives, business networks, associations, nonprofits, and franchises can all benefit from our group hiring model. Any company that wants to keep costs low and is ready to maximize their team with easy, streamlined hiring is a good fit for us!

How do I schedule a demo ?

Our hiring success team is excited and ready to talk with you! Contact us to schedule a demo. 

Can I see the hiring solution ?

Absolutely! We’re excited to share this platform with you. The best way to see if this a good solution for you is to schedule a demo with one of our team members. 

Do I really need to provide a hiring solution to my members ?

Our hiring solution is tried & trusted by members organizations, nonprofit groups, cooperatives & more. These groups have saved 10’s of thousands of hours for their members, and provide easier hiring to grow their businesses. We know that providing this solution will be a benefit that sets you apart, and we’re here to help every step of the way!

Is this a good product for my co-op?

Yes! We know the cooperative model is complex, and nearly every co-op operates slightly differently. We will get to the bottom of how to best serve you and your members. Happy hiring is right around the corner #GoCoop!

How can I help my team hire more easily ?

Short answer – Acquire4Hire. We help you set up your team for success. With pre-populated job templates, logos, customized career sites, workflows & more – we’ll help you become a hiring hero for your team.

What is a workflow and why do I need one?

Workflows are the secret sauce of organized hiring, especially when you’re hiring for multiple jobs or have high turn-over positions. You can set up customized workflows for each job, or stick to a routine workflow for all positions. You and all members of your hiring team can keep track of where all applicants are in the hiring process, at all times.

I forgot my user ID and/or password, how can I reset it ?

Yes! Click here to reset your password.

I need to fill multiple open positions. Can you help ?

Of course. Unlike other solutions, Acquire4Hire does not have a limit on how many job positions you can have open at a time. You can add as many open positions as you want, without any extra hidden fees – yes, really.

My company organization is complex. Is this the right solution for me ?

We get it –  hiring is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We will work with you to determine the best plan for your needs and get you started on the journey towards happier, easier hiring!

I am the leader of a business organization. Can you help?

Yes! Our team is passionate about working with business leaders to bring top-of-the-line hiring solutions to their teams.

How do you make hiring easier ?

Our smart technology makes hiring a breeze. Your customized hiring platform will help market your job post, keep candidates (and their documents) organized, and make communication simple and timely. Sit back and become a hiring hero for your groups – we’ve done the work to set you up for success.


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